A company is only as good as its employees.


Success is when you achieve the goals you set.

We want to accompany you on your path to success and help you to grow a little bit beyond yourself every day. The crucial question is: "What can we do better today" – as an organization and as an individual employee – "to achieve the common goal quickly?"

We support you with tailor-made, implementation-oriented concepts and trainings for managers, employees and multipliers, where and how you need it: face-to-face training, webinars, blended and game-based learning for adults. Our experienced trainers are also available internationally and in several

languages. We offer a wide range of methods and topics. On request, we develop didactic concepts for you based on the content requirements of your experts.

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They also reach their destination on their own, no question. But how much faster, more enjoyable and more exciting would the journey be with a companion who makes your journey into a journey of discovery with new perspectives and hidden treasures, especially in stormy times? Our coaches are there for you, so that you can stay up to your tasks and achieve your goals safely, even in difficult situatio

ns. Not just for executives, but for everyone who likes to be in the lead.

We offer coaching in several European languages, also virtual.

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Flexible, agile, customer-oriented

A lean and agile organizational structure with a proactive workforce that works as a strong team with enthusiasm for the common goal brings you to the top of the competition.

We help you break down old patterns and develop a culture of sharing and sharing, continuous learning and improvement, where employees are motivated to work independently and new ideas and suggestions for improvement. systematically recorded and evaluated.

Together we bring your company up and running.


Fit for the international parquet


From our special series for nursing facilities – quality triathlon®

Whokeeps order, has no time to search


Employee communication and feedback in the digital age

Series "In a nutshell"

Short, concise, competent

The world of work is complex, time is chronically short, and there are so many things you would like to do or learn? We have developed our seminar series "In a nutshell" for you. Here you can get a practical and implementation-oriented overview of the topic. To make your investment worthwhile, you will soon be able to bring tools home so that you can apply what you have learned directly.

Intercultural competence





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Internationale Kompetenz

Führung und Personalentwicklung

Learn In Progress®

simple, fast, effective

LearnInProgress® was developed at the University of Bologna with the aim of helping adults to identify their individual abilities and build on them according to their learning preferences.

Behavioural research is known: development based on a deficit, i.e. the awareness that something is missing, leads to internal resistance and blockages. This costs time and energy, which could be used more sensibly.

Our approach therefore consciously focuses on: What skills and competences are already available to you and your employees, what motivates you and how can you build on them in a targeted and needs-oriented manner?

To make it as easy as possible and to waste neither time nor energy, we determine how you learn the fastest

and easiest way. You can find out which strategies you and your employees have developed in this regard in a playful and visual way through your "personal success team". It consists of a total of four personalities, each embodying their own style. You'll find out which style you currently prefer and how to get to your destination the fastest.

You have a choice. We feel a need to make it as easy as possible for you.

In line with the training participants and the respective circumstances, we therefore offer you the opportunity to choose between online and presence determination of the individual strengths of your employees.

We will be happy to advise you on what is the best solution for you.

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Learn In Progress® online

Here you can playfully find out where your personal strengths and preferences lie and which strategies you currently use most to reach your goal.

Easy and directly online, with just a few c

licks. Get to know your "personal success team" and its four members and learn how to get to your destination easily.


Tailored to the training program tailored to your employees, we offer you the opportunity to determine the existing skills and learning preferences in classroom training with a card game.

In this option, haptic experience is particularly important. It is also possible to focus on team development and highlighting the contribution of individual members, especially for teams, in order to promote mutual appreciation, despite the diversity.