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Expand beyond your present capabilities to the forefront of your competition. We will align our services to fully support you to reach your goals with tailor-made and implementation-oriented/focused training for your managers, SMEs and employees.

Our goal is for you to achieve success in reaching your goals.


Perhaps you could reach your goals on your own, but we can help you achieve those goals faster and easier through a new exciting approach that will enhance the capabilities of your managers and employees. Our coaches are there for you, so that even in difficult situations, you will be able to manage your tasks and reach your goals.


Bring your business up to speed! We help you break old patterns and develop a culture of creative thinking and knowledge sharing, of continuous learning and continuous improvement. We help you empower your employees and untap their hidden potential to create new ideas and suggestions for continuous improvement.

Appreciation of Employees Adds Value to Your Organization

People are happy to give their best when they are appreciated and when their leaders walk their talk. Excelling at their job can and should be an exhilarating experience for each employee. That is why our approach is to challenge people in a positive way rather then putting pressure on them to perform.

Sylvie Schoch

Sylvie Schoch is founder and CEO of IP-International. She has spent more than half of her life conducting research in various countries abroad and has gained international experience as a manager, trainer and coach. As an academic and a certified trainer and business coach (certified by the IHK – the German Chamber of Commerce), she developed creative methods of adult education, classroom training, as well as e-learning and blended-learning concepts.

Ms Schoch´s speciality is the creation of training programs collaborating with SME in different fields. Her training focuses on the concept that the teaching of technical skills always goes hand-in-hand with the teaching of associated soft skills. In the process of carrying out their work-related tasks, people use a combination of different skills at the same time.

Ms Schoch’s approach is to make learning an enjoyable exciting experience for all.

She has designed and coordinated cross-national management and employee training in different areas.

These include, among others, lean management and lean production, quality management, team building, problem solving, health and safety in the workplace, cross-cultural competence, communication skills and train-the-trainer programs.

All IP-International brand training courses are designed to convey content in such a way that it is easy to grasp, apply and share.

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