Prepare to Succeed Globally

Prepare to Succeed Globally

Use Cultural Differences to Your Advantage

Do you export, outsource or work in international teams? Use cultural differences to your advantage. We show you how.

Die eigene Kultur und die des anderen bewusst wahrnehmen und Kulturunterschiede handlungsstrategisch vorteilhaft umsetzen schafft Wettbewerbsvorteile: Unterschiedliche Kulturen liefern unterschiedliche Perspektiven und damit eine Vielzahl an möglichen Handlungsstrategien für ein und dieselbe Herausforderung.

The course is designed in a practical and action-oriented way and offers concrete examples and cases drawn from everyday life.

Your objective is to

  • Deal in a confident manner with international customers, business partners and colleagues
  • Identify and integrate cultural differences at an early stage
  • Avoid time-consuming cultural misunderstandings and conflicts
  • Use cultural differences to your advantage

   You will learn how to

  • Recognize and benefit from a variety of cultural dimensions and orientations
  • Unmask tacit assumptions and avoid dangerous misinterpretations
  • Prepare your team for each specific culture
  • Adapt your behavior and which Dos and Don’ts to consider


All participants receive an individual profile of their strengths, resources and work styles: their individual LearnInProgress® team.

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You may share with us what is particularly important to you before the training course. This allows us to respond to your needs effectively.

Where and When

To be agreed.
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  • 1 day
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Who Should Attend

The course is designed for managers, SMEs and/or employees who work with international customers, partners or international teams.



€ 589,00 plus VAT per participant. Ask for special prices for private persons and/or multiple registrations.

Included are: lunch, coffee and snacks, training materials and certificates of participation.

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