Developing a Culture of Teamwork in Your Organization

Developing a Culture of Teamwork in Your Organization

Developing Highly Successful Teams

Team building is one of the most important investments you can make for your organization and your employees.

Cohesion, common goals and values are essential ingredients to help teams succeed. Peak performance and tangible results are reached when diversity is valued and team members collaborate to reach a common goal. However, great teams are not only successful when things are going well, but also during setbacks or in times of crisis.

In this intensive course, you will begin by learning about yourself, about your strengths, resources and styles. Metaphorically speaking, you start by discovering your individual “Inner Team” and its four members. Each of the team members represents a work style and winning strategies you can benefit from when building a great work team in your organization.

Participants in this course learn about the attributes of a highly successful team, how to develop a culture of team work and become a successful team leader and how to be a better team player and reach peak team performance.

Participants in this intensive course are offered many practise-oriented exercises based on real-life examples.

Your objective is to

  • Improve performance and increase revenue
  • Create a culture of teamwork, of shared values and goals
  • Strengthen employee engagement and solution-oriented cooperation
  • Value diversity and use its potential for the common goals
  • Overcome crises and manage setbacks successfully


   You will learn how to

  • Use your individual strengths and work styles to develop successful teams
  • Identify and emulate the attributes of successful teams and leaders
  • Create high-performing teams while respecting individual differences
  • Maximize trust and communication
  • Successfully overcome difficulties and crises


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for managers, supervisors, and anyone interested in creating and maintaining a culture of teamwork that fosters long-term success, and builds effective teams within an organization.


  • 2 days
  • Times to be agreed

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