How to Confidently Offer Feedback

How to Confidently Offer Feedback

We know from behavioural research that it is much more effective to communicate what we appreciate and value in a person’s work, rather than criticizing work habits that we wish to change. This does not mean that we should avoid giving critical feedback. It is the way we provide feedback that counts.

As a matter of fact, sensitive feedback is one of the most important and effective tools to promote desired behavior and motivate your employees, colleagues or family members.

In this training course, you will learn how to use this powerful tool in your daily life. When you provide positive feedback, it has a positive effect on you as well.


Your objective is to

  • Motivate your employees by offering constructive feedback
  • Increase individual commitment and cooperation
  • Offer critical feedback in a respectful and action-oriented manner

   You will learn how to

  • Provide positive, effective feedback
  • Identify the factors that motivate your employees and those that increase their resistance
  • Make positive statements, stating clearly your expectations to your employees


Who Should Attend

The course is designed for managers, SMEs, employees and/or anyone who wants to improve their feedback skills.


  • 4 Hours
  • Times to be agreed

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