Cross-Cultural Competency

Cross-Cultural Competency

Learning the Nuances of Different Cultures’ Communication Styles

Although it may seem that globalization has minimized cultural differences, this is not necessarily true.

Cultures can have either a direct communication style or an indirect communication style. In direct communication, the speaker is rather blunt and straightforward. In indirect communication, it is necessary to gather information from other means in addition to the words themselves. Cultural dimensions have a direct influence on communication and collaborations between individuals and groups in the workplace.

Although you might prefer one style over the other, there is no right and wrong. It depends on the context: who you are talking to and in what cultural framework.

The values that determine behaviour and communication style are not always apparent to us. This may lead to misunderstandings or misinterpretations we may not be aware of. When business negotiations do not achieve the desired results, we may not be aware of the reasons this occurred.

In this training course you will improve your sensitivity to cultural differences. As a result, you will increase the probability for success in future negotiations.

Your objective is to

  • Consciously recognize cultural differences
  • Adapt successfully to different communication styles of different cultures
  • Interact confidently with people with a variety of cultural backgrounds

   You will learn how to

  • Identify cultural differences and communication styles, and their importance for successful interactions
  • Distinguish between what is said and what is meant (direct versus indirect communication)
  • Prepare for cross-cultural interactions


Who Should Attend

The course is designed for managers, SMEs and/or employees who work with international customers, partners or international teams.


  • 4 Hours
  • Times to be agreed

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